What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting or selling other
people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like or best suited for your niche,
promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the best ways to make money online because you don’t need a start up captial,
you don’t need to stock any of the products you sell and it can be done on a youtube channel, on a blog/website or even just on a facebook page.

Affiliates can range from single individuals to an entire company. An affiliate marketing business can produce a few hundred dollars
to tens of millions of dollars each month in commissions.

Guide to start affiliate marketing in India

Create a website. Even though there are other ways to promote your affiliate link,
the most effective and future-proof way is with the help of your own website.

But before you apply for affiliate programs, i recommend you to have at least 15 blog posts or articles and a decent amount of traffic on your website.
That way you wouldn’t have to worry about getting rejected for affiliate programs, yes it is possible to get rejected whether its a blog,
YouTube channel or Facebook page. If you want to gain traffic and earn instant money, try to promote your website
on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Based on your domain and article, you can decide which product you want to choose or based on the product you’ve chosen,
you can decide what article you want to write. Choose a product that pays you the highest commission on each sale.

There are many different types of content you can write if you want to add affiliate links.

1.”How to” articles & Tutorials : These are the best as they add a lot of value to your readers.
They also generate sales very easily if done correctly. For example, “how to get rid of pimples”
article with links to products which has worked well for you.

2. Review articles: When you write reviews on your blog, you can use an affiliate link to link to the products that you promote.
You can write about products you’ve tried personally and help people decide whether to buy the product or not.

3. Comparison articles: Compare two or more similar products. for example, compare two newly launched smartphones and add an affiliate
link to the better one.

4. Content curator: This is where you collect & make useful list products which are helpful to others.

5. Offer or Discount articles: Where you share the best deals and coupon codes of products related to your topic.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs all over the internet for all types of product. In India, the most popular affiliate programs
are from Amazon and Flipkart.

The best part about amazon is, once someone has clicked your affiliate link you will earn commissions on any product bought by them within the
next Twenty four hours. This means, you’ll be paid for not just the product you promote but for all products sold on amazon.

Check out this book Affiliate: The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing (How to Make Money Online Selling Other Peoples Products)!!

Top 10 best affiliate program in India are:

1.– You get paid for all products that visitors buy after folowing your links, and not just the specific product(s) that you advertise/promote.

2.– You can earn upto 15% everytime a user clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase on our site.

3.– Online B2B marketplace offers its online affiliate marketing program that lets its business partner website, earn
attractive revenue online upto 50%– Earn 75% Revenue Share plus an additional 25% bonus opportunity for a total of upto 100% commission with the world’s largest
matrimonial site.– is considered the number one website in tour and travel information, booking and as a travel agent site offering competitive rates.

6.– Enables you to partner and earn upto 50% commission with the world’s largest and most trusted travel community.

7.– Join the Indeed Affiliate program to earn money by including job search tools on your website or blog, you will be adding valuable
content to your site while generating income.

8.– Earn 90% of project commissions and 10% of items sold on Freemarket through banners, feeds and links on your blog or website.

9.– Just place one of their banners or links where your visitors will see it and you’ll earn cash on every qualifying sale made through your ads.

10.– Baseline Commissions between 20%-45% on eligible purchases your users make within 30 days of clicking your link, with bonuses for strong


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