Website flipping means buying and selling websites.

People engaged on website flipping business buys an existing website, update
the contents, drive traffics, monetize and sell it for a much higher price.
Many Internet Entrepreneurs also build a profitable website business out of scratch and later on sell it for a great profit.


If you have at least a little knowledge of WordPress platform and website creation or if you like developing websites,
Website Flipping must be an ideal Career for you.

Before we get into the “Tips” and “How’s” let’s take a look at the top five websites that are sold for MILLIONS.

1.– Sold for $100 million. Founded in 1997 and sold on 2007.

2. Fotolog– Sold for $90 million. Founded in 2002 and sold on 2007.

3. Consumersearch– Sold for $33 million. Founded in 1999 and sold on 2007.

4. TechCrunch– Sold for $30 million. Founded in 2005 and sold on 2010.

5. PaidContent– Sold for $30 million. Founded in 2002 and sold on 2008.



1. Choose a topic you are passionate about, you need to be passionate about the subject your website focuses on.
If you launch a website about something that you don’t care about, you will lose interest very quickly and inevitably stop working on it.

2. Think about your long-term business model.
To make your website successful you should do a lot of research beforehand.

Try to find the answers to the following questions:
* Who are your direct competitors?
* How do your competitors make money?
* How will your website make money?
* How can you make your website stand out from others?
* How long will it take to monetize your website?

3. Choose a domain name that is relevant to your topic and appeal to your target audience.

4. Choose a reliable paid host like hostgator, blue host or any other that might suit your needs.

5. Try making your website design and layout look very professional.


1.Register your website on website flipping sites like and,these websites
works on bidding model, the highest bidder gets the ownership of the website.

2. Set the bid price of your website 15 times greater than the current monthly income of your site.
For e.g. If your site is earning $500 per month then you can set the basic selling price of your site to at least $7500.

3. Start the auction and wait for bids. People will start bidding for purchasing your site.
Once you receive the bid that satisfies your target selling price, then finalize the deal with the bidder.

4. The platform where you list your website will manage all the payment and other technical stuff for you and you’ll receive your money
after they take their commissions via your selected payment method.

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